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      Indexed Publications (SCI, Enginnering)

 ü Mahmut UNALDI, Recai KUS , Effect of Pressing Pressure on Density and Hardness of Powder Miscanthus Reinforced Brake Pads, Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 680 (2014) pp 237-240.

ü Mahmut Unaldi, Recai Kus , Effect of Chopped Kevlar to Wear and Braking Performance, Academic Journal of Science, CD-ROM. ISSN: 2165-6282 :: 2(1):105–109 (2013)

ü Recai KUŞ, The effect of raw corn oil and diesel fuel mixture on engine performances and emissions, Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research, 2011,  28(1): 71-76

ü Ahmet AKDEMİR, Recai KUŞ, Mehmet Şimşir, Impact toughness and microstructure of continuous steel wire-reinforced cast iron composite,  Materials Science and Engineering A 516 (2009) 119–125

ü Ahmet AKDEMİR, Hüseyin  ARIKAN, Recai KU޸ Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Steel Fibre–Cast Iron Composites, Materials Science and Technology, 2005 Vol. 21 No: 9, pp. 1099-1102.

      International Conferences

 ü Recai KUS,Ugur TASKIRAN, Huseyin BAYRAKCEKEN, ""Neural Network Modeling of Breaking Force in Variable Road and Slope Conditions", Proceedings of 2012 Hong Kong International Conference on Engineering and Applied Science". pp., Hong Kong, Aralık 2012

ü Hacı SAĞLAM,Recai KUŞ, Performance of internal thread rolling head and the mechanical properties of rolled thread, 6th International Advanced Technologies Symposium (IATS’11), 16-18 May 2011, Elazığ, Turkey

ü Recai KUŞ, Murat CINIVIZ, Huseyin BAYRAKCEKEN, The Use Of Vegetable Oil In Motor-Vehicles And Its Effects On Emission, 8th International Combustion Symposium, September 8-9, 2004 Ankara, Turkey.(in Turkish)

ü Murat CINIVIZ, Recai KUŞ, Can HAŞIMOĞLU, Design and Manufacture of a Laboratory Aimed Biodiesel Production System and Biodiesel Production, 8th International Combustion Symposium, September 8-9, 2004 Ankara, Turkey

ü Hüseyin BAYRAKÇEKEN, Recai KUŞ and Mesut DÜZGÜN, “Sensors Used in Vehicles and Their Effect on Prevention of Traffic Accidents”, the Second International Traffic and Road Safety Congress and Exhibition, May 05-07, 2004 in Ankara, Turkey. (in Turkish)

ü Hüseyin ARIKAN and Recai KUŞ and Ahmet AKDEMİR, “An Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Steel Fiber/Cast Iron Composites” 6th International Fracture Conference, 2003, Konya, Turkey.(in Turkish)

      Other Publications

 ü Recai Kus,  Mahmut Unaldi, The Effect of Carbon Nanotube on Densıty and Wearın a Brass Based Brake Lining, International Journal of Arts&Sciences, CD-ROM. ISSN: 1944-6934 :: 5(4):53–62 (2012)

ü Ahmet AKDEMİR and Recai KUŞ, Investigation of Hardness Properties of Gray Cast Iron Composites Reinforced with Low Carbon Steel Wire, Journal of Technical-Online, Volume 1, Number 1, pp 53-60, 2007.

ü HüseyinBayrakçeken, Recai KUŞ, Alternative Fuels Used In Motor Vehicles, AfyonKocatepe University Journal of Science, pp 125-144, Volume 6, Issue 1, 2006, Afyon. (in Turkish)

ü Recai KUS, Hüseyin BAYRAKÇEKEN and Ugur TASKIRAN, Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Effect of Steering Angle on Braking Force,  Journal of International Research Publications, 2006, Volume 1, Issue: Technomat&Infotel, pp. 12-21, ISSN 13118978

ü Duran ALTIPARMAK and Recai KUŞ,“The Design and Application of a Venture Tube for Using Laboratories”, Journal of the Institute of Science and Technology of Gazi University, October, 1999, Volume 12, No: 4, Ankara, Turkey. (in Turkish)

ü Ahmet AVCI and Ahmet AKDEMİR andRecai KUŞ, “CE Mark and Using on Construction Equipment, Construction Equipment Symposium, 2003, Istanbul, Turkey.(in Turkish)

ü Recai KUŞ, ŞükrüDursun, Saim KOÇAK and Celalettin ÖZDEMİR, “Motor Vehicle Sourced Air Pollution And Control”, Symposium of Industrial and Environment, Mersin University, the Faculty of Engineering, 25-27 April 2001, Mersin, Turkey. (in Turkish)

ü Hüseyin ÖĞÜT, Recai KUŞ, “Alternative Fuels Use in Motor Vehicles”, the Second Transportation and Traffic Congress, 01-02 October 1999, Ankara, Turkey.(in Turkish)

ü Recai KUŞ, Hasan AYDOĞAN, Automotive Education at Technical Education Faculties, I. International Technical and Vocational Technologies Congress, 5-7 September 2005, Istanbul. (in Turkish)

ü Hüseyin BAYRAKÇEKEN, Recai KUŞ, Mehmet TÜRKGÜLÜ, Determination of The Burn out Level of the School Administration in Vocational High Schools, I. International Technical and Vocational Technologies Congress, 5-7 September 2005, Istanbul. (in Turkish)

ü Hasan AYDOĞAN, Recai KUŞ, Abdullah ÖZSOY, Multimedia Applications on the Materials Science Teaching, Journal of Technical-Online, Volume 4, Number 1-2005. (in Turkish).

ü Yaşar SEMİZ, Recai KUŞ,” Vocational-Technical Education in Ottoman Empire”, Selçuk University, Journal of Turkology Researches, Number 15, 2004, Konya, Turkey. (in Turkish)

ü Hacı SAĞLAM, Recai KUŞ, “The Re-Structuring Requirement of Vocational and Technical Education in Turkey”, the Regional and International Cooperation on Technical and Vocational Education and Training Conference (IVETA), 2003, Ankara, Turkey.

ü Yaşar SEMİZ, Recai KUŞ, “Konya Industrial High School”, Konya Trade Chamber, Journal of IpekYolu, Konya Special Issue V,  2002, Konya, Turkey. (in Turkish)